Budget Travel Options

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How to Save Money on Travel

Those who wish to travel are often confronted by the reality of their budget first. Here is an idea for making a trip on the cheap: try to reduce your airfare by 50 percent.

A Canadian-based company is offering opportunities for airline discounts in the U.S. Travellers can find airfares up to 50 percent off. They also boast free or reduced-price tickets on different major US bus and rail lines.

David Lipton, president of Sensors Quality Management (SQM) in Toronto, Canada says,  "We are thrilled to help consumers save money."

Here's what to do:

  1. Sign up at: www.sqm.ca
  2. Create a profile that will require an email and contact information
  3. After approval, you will have an opportunity to review the travel boards
  4. Familiarize yourself with the website so you can navigate it easily
  5. Wait for further instructions.

Then there are other things to consider before you book your trip:

Afraid of flying?

SQM offers rail and bus options, too, allowing leisure travellers to see North America on the ground. As more airlines receive bad publicity or experience unfortunate incidents, discounted travel allows more airlines and rail companies to build and improve their brands. Lipton adds that his company also works closely with hotels and upscale restaurants to improve the complete traveling experience.

Mary Jeneverre Schultz travels all over the U.S. in search of ethnic enclaves. Follow her on Instagram @Jeneverre.
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