SQM's No Fee Airline Inspections

SQM Airline InspectionMost airlines are still committed to providing the highest possible levels of quality, service, and cleanliness, however, with today's challenging economic conditions, many of these businesses are also looking for ways of reducing their expenses and doing more with less.

As a result, SQM now offers a unique, inspection program for the airline industry.

Of particular interest, would be the fact that these inspections are completed at no cost to the client, other than the expenses (i.e. airfare and taxes). There are no inspection fees or travel expenses associated with this program!

The program works as follows:

  1. Each Mystery Shop would involve the inspection / evaluation of various areas or departments of the travel experience (i.e. ticketing, boarding, in-flight service, cleanliness, food and beverage, etc.).
  2. The client will provide SQM with a maximum number of inspections that they would like to be completed each month.
  3. Tickets could be acquired by our inspectors or through consultant passes (most airlines choose this method so no cash payments are required).
  4. The client is welcome to blackout any routes or dates from the inspection program, recognizing that the more restrictions that are in place, will result in few inspections being completed.
  5. With the exception of any project set-up fees, the only cost to the client will be the expenses and taxes incurred during the course of the inspections (i.e. airfare only, there will be NO inspection fees).
  6. In the event that a request is made to inspect a flight or route on a specific date, our regular fee structure would apply (i.e. approximately $500.00, but based on project specifics).

Since there are no inspection fees, clients can complete as many Mystery Shops as they would like:

  • Monitor brand standards
  • Measure quality and service levels
  • Reduce incidents of cash or liquor control violations
  • Create a more heads up attitude regarding safety and security
  • Assist with risk management
  • Prepare for corporate or government audits
  • Monitor loyalty / rewards programs
  • Increase revenue / sales acquisition
  • Coach and development employees
  • Motivate staff
  • Obtain information for Human Resources
  • Collect historical data

To recap:

  1. Companies receive valuable feedback, on brand standards, which will help give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  2. There are NO FEES for the inspections / evaluations, which allows clients to significantly reduce their costs, while still focussing on quality and service.
  3. By trying out the program businesses really have nothing to lose, as there are no risks or fees associated with the test phase.
  4. SQM is so confident in the value of the program, that clients have the option to cancel inspections / evaluations at any time, with 30 days notice.
  5. $5.00 from each completed inspection goes back to the charity of your choice.

Contact SQM to learn more about implementing your customized program.

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