Web-Based Reporting

IRIS System used by SQM to provide clients with instant results

To help companies learn more about their businesses, SQM utilizes advanced computer technology and the speed of the Internet to deliver targeted information for customers at any time, any place, and anywhere in the world.

Using its unique Integrated Research Internet Solutions (IRIS) system, SQM delivers cost-effective solutions that enable companies to target valuable information to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, in any format they desire.

It's one thing to gather information; what sets SQM apart is its ability to manage information properly and to deliver it to key people quickly. SQM achieves this through:

  • Powerful, integrating software and computer systems that allow large amounts of information to be processed quickly, accurately, as well as manipulated in a customized fashion
  • Flexible database platforms that allow rapid development, evolution and modification of a client's programs
  • Speedy and efficient reporting of customized data via the Internet and other mediums

Processing information can pose a huge administrative burden for any company. SQM saves companies both time and money by offering the complete package. SQM's innovative IRIS system gathers and interprets data from a variety of different sources and delivers customized reports to fit your individual corporate needs.

The IRIS system will provide a thorough analysis and process the information according to established criteria. From the information it collects, SQM will provide detailed reports, statistics, graphical analysis and comparisons with other companies within your industry.

Our extremely stable, flexible and cost-effective software solution enables management to easily target valuable information to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, in any format they desire.

The benefits of IRIS include:

  • Speed of delivery - fast and accurate reporting of information.
  • Customized reports developed for specific individuals and objectives within your organization.
  • Different levels of authorization allow necessary information to be targeted to the right people.
  • Flexible systems that can be easily adjusted to meet the ongoing needs of our clients.
  • Relieve the administrative costs associated with program management.
  • Integrate multiple customer feedback components.

The information that SQM gathers on behalf of its clients can be interpreted and delivered with lightning-fast speed. SQM will design task-specific information and deliver it to authorized individuals at your company. Whether the recipients are in a boardroom in Los Angeles, on a flight to Singapore, or sitting on a beach in the Bahamas, they can now access vital information instantly with a few clicks of a mouse.

SQM works with your organization to customize a program focusing on the distinct standards and characteristics that define your business. Independent evaluations are then conducted to ascertain whether the standards and criteria developed by your company are in place and being followed.

In today's economy, having quick access to information is just as important as having the right information. SQM specializes in gathering data quickly and delivering it in the right format, and to the right people. SQM even tailors reports to select individuals within client organizations.

As business becomes more competitive, access to the right information will empower individuals to seize opportunities and to make informed decisions.


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