Competitive Price Checks

SQM Competitive Price ChecksThe average consumer is becoming increasingly conscientious about prices and the actual cost of goods, versus sale or promotional pricing.

Since turning visitors into buyers becomes much easier when you are price competitive, SQM offers Price Checks that are specifically designed to capture up to date, pricing information, from your competition.

The service involves SQM Representatives anonymously visiting pre-determined locations of selected competitors.  During the course of such visits, the SQM Representatives will collect detailed SKU and pricing information, on selected products or services.

Upon completion of the visits, SQM will provide the information back to company management, who can then use it, in a variety of ways, to ensure that the business is properly positioned and remains competitive in the marketplace.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Competitive Price Checks help you effectively:

  • Remain competitive within the market
  • Collect valuable insight from competitors regarding pricing, package sizing, etc.
  • Potentially recover lost sales opportunities

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