Risk Management Services

risk managementRisk management is an integral part of the decision-making process for every company.

Effective risk management practices reduce a company’s liability and exposure to emerging risks that impact their business. They allow senior management to identify and effectively manage these risks while monitoring the adherence of their brand standards.

SQM’s Risk Management Services are often implemented by Chief Financial Officers and senior executives in the Risk Management Department who are responsible for overseeing the overall health of the brand.

Our tailored inspections allow companies to focus on specific risks in their respective industries.

Presently SQM’s Risk Management Services include:

  1. Brand Standards Inspections
  2. Independent Verification Audits
  3. Cash / Liquor Control Integrity Inspections
  4. COVID-19 Protocol Trust Audits

Similar to financial audits, companies use SQM’s third-party inspections to meet and ensure compliance of sound corporate governance requirements including the need for independent verification services.

Our world-wide network of trained, locally-based inspectors provide unbiased and detailed reports that can be used to identify, manage, and mitigate evolving risks.

Whether you are a publicly traded company or a business that wants to follow generally accepted management practices, SQM is here to help.

Contact SQM to learn more about implementing your customized program.

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