Educational Institutions Experience Program

free time students bachelor s campus life rhythm five friendly students are walking smallAn educational institution's long-term success is largely based on its general reputation and the success of its graduates, which is directly related to its ability to attract and retain the best students.

With more and more schools placing an increased emphasis on the student recruitment process, there is a need to monitor and measure various activities, and the promotion of the institution by faculty and staff.

Whether it's:  answering the phone, responding to emails in a timely fashion, handling inquiries, knowledgeable staff, organized tours, or going the extra mile, every aspect of the experience is a reflection on the institution and ultimately plays a role in a student's decision on where to apply and / or attend.

To assist in providing the desired recruitment experience, SQM offers a variety of programs and services, which include, but are not limited to:

1.  Telephone Mystery Shops*
2.  Email or Website Inquiry Mystery Shops*
3.  Onsite Mystery Shops*
4.  Complete Application Process Audits (i.e. initial inquiry, tour, application submission, etc.)
5.  Competitive Analysis (to identify best practices and areas of opportunity)
6.  Inquiry / Applicant Follow Up Telephone Calls
7.  Market Research and Surveys (i.e. applicants, present students, graduates, faculty and staff)

*  May include:  Admissions, Registrar's Office, individual departments or faculties, organized tours, etc.

In terms of reporting, SQM offers a number of options, including:  the individual evaluations, summary statistics, as well as recommendations on how to improve.

By ensuring that standards are in place and consistently being adhered to, while also incorporating best practices on an ongoing basis, your institution will be able to provide the best possible recruitment experience, and ultimately attract the desired students.

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