Employee Surprise and Delight / Rewards and Recognition Program

workers celebrating their success with trophy crop

Often seen as an added perk for employees, this program focusses on rewarding hardworking, frontline staff, while simultaneously obtaining valuable insight into the operation.

Unlike a traditional Brand Standards Inspection Program, which focusses on measuring brand standards, and includes a rewards component as an added feature, this initiative focusses on employee recognition, with a spinoff benefit being the information collected on quality, service, cleanliness, and other key performance indicators.  As an increasing number of companies focus more attention on the employees, this is a great way of managing both needs.

In terms of rewards, all it takes is some inexpensive prizing to create a fun and positive atmosphere,  While the recognition can be as simple as a personalized note from the boss or a certificate of appreciation, many companies choose to reward employees with gift cards (i.e. movie passes or restaurants) and even grand prize draws.

In the case, of employees who do not achieve the desired behaviours, they can be invited to a company website. to complete a short quiz of three to five questions.  The questions would relate to the desired behaviours and would be relatively easy to answer.  If the employee answers the questions correctly, they would receive a secondary reward / prize.  This approach helps to educate employees by reinforcing the desired behaviours.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Employee Surprise and Delight / Reward and Recognition Programs help:

1.  Make employees feel more valued and appreciated

2.  Employers find, hire, and retain good employees

3.  Obtain a bump in sales (i.e. due to upselling and suggestive selling activities).

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