Loss Prevention Mystery Shop Programs

SQM Loss Prevention Program Reduces ShrinkageIn North America, retailers lose over 30 million dollars a day, to shrinkage. SQM helps to lower this figure through a program that identifies strengths and weaknesses in how your employees engage customers, and how their interactions not only help reduce losses, but actually increase sales.

SQM's Loss Prevention Mystery Shops are an abridged version of traditional Mystery Shops.  Mystery Shops typically involve very detailed reports on the entire customer experience, while Loss Prevention Mystery Shops are completely focussed on how well the customer is engaged by your employees, during their time in the store.

Loss Prevention Mystery Shops can be conducted storewide or focus on a specific department or departments.

All of the information is captured electronically and sent to you using our confidential, secure, online system. Reports are tailored to your criteria and are made available to authorized personnel.

Upon completion of an inspection, it is management's responsibility to use the information to address any issues that may affect the ongoing operation of the business.

Since this initiative is focused solely on engagement, reports aren't clouded with information dealing with other matters, however, if requested, the SQM Shopper can also monitor and report on non-standard behaviors, such as:  cashier activity, availability of employees, and product knowledge.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Loss Prevention Mystery Shop Programs help to effectively:

  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Increase profits
  • Gain valuable and often unexpected insights by using Mystery Shoppers who possess specific demographics/industry experience
  • Represent an actual customer without impacting actual customers
  • Spend training dollars
  • Provide valuable and timely information to your management team, with the use of SQM's Integrated Research Internet Solutions (IRIS) System.

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