Integrity Inspections

SQM Integrity InspectionsOperators of licensed establishments need to know that employees are working in an honest, safe, and efficient manner, while also adhering to various laws and regulations.

At the time of the inspection, SQM Representatives will spend a pre-determined amount of time in the establishment, monitoring a variety of areas, issues, policies, and laws.  Integrity inspections help to ensure that:

  • Employees enter orders into the POS / cash register systems at the time of purchase
  • Money from purchases are being placed into the cash register
  • Customers are receiving appropriate products and / or portion sizes
  • All items served are being paid for
  • There are no underage drinkers, drug, or intoxicated patrons within the establishment

Upon completion of an inspection, it is management's responsibility to use the information to address any issues that may affect the ongoing operation of the business.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Integrity Inspections help you effectively:

  • Reduce internal shrinkage
  • Monitor illegal activity that may otherwise go unnoticed
  • Eliminate unauthorized “profit sharing”
  • Protect your reputation and assets (i.e. liquor license, franchise agreements, partnerships)

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