Supplier Value Added Mystery Shop Programs

SQM Supplier Value Added Mystery ShopsSQM has recognized the opportunity to work with manufacturers and suppliers, to build the volume of business that they do with their customers.

The service involves working with organizations that have adopted the belief that for them to succeed, their customers must succeed.

SQM services are used to improve many different areas of the customer's operations, while simultaneously capturing important data for the supplier.  When this is accomplished, the supplier benefits in several keys areas:

  1. The use of an expanded field force (educated front line staff) assists them in ensuring that their products are properly presented and promoted (i.e. upselling, suggestive selling, attractive displays, and presentation, etc...).
  2. Providing incentive/rewards to line staff, typically results in higher top of mind awareness by employees, and therefore increased sales volumes (sometimes by as much as 35% in the beverage industry).
  3. By improving the customers' business, increased sales of the manufacturer's product will result from more people visiting their business.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Supplier Value Added Mystery Shops help you effectively:

  • Support the customer from the primary level of distribution
  • Achieve a high level of merchant loyalty
  • Increase sales

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