Customer Exit Interviews

SQM Customer Exit InterviewsWhile many companies spend extensive amounts of time, effort, and money to survey, their customers, very few organizations focus their attention on people who have visited their business but left without making a purchase.

Since turning visitors into buyers will significantly increase sales and maximizes profits, valuable insight is gained by examining the experiences of non-purchase visitors.  Exit interviews are in-person surveys specifically designed to capture immediate feedback from this group.

Interviewers are strategically positioned at your locations.  Based on the pre-selected profiles, specific individuals, who are about to leave the business, without making a purchase, will be approached and surveyed as they exit.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Exit Interviews help you effectively:

  • Collect insight from non-purchasers
  • Capture information, immediately, following the experience, at the source
  • Involve the personal touch
  • Target respondent profiles with greater accuracy
  • Provide additional public relations through purchase incentives
  • Potentially recover loss sales opportunities

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