SQM Direct

SQM DirectMany industries have put quality customer service as the focal point of their business. Because of this, organizations have aimed to receive feedback in an instant, but this has not been an easy process. With this demand, SQM created SQM Direct, which is a service that allows organizations to utilize SQM's online system to collect, process, and summarize internal reports.

SQM Direct allows management to access important information and statistics, as soon as it has been received. This program can operate independently, or in conjunction with SQM's Mystery Shopping Programs and it costs as little as $2 for each inspection!

This is how the program works:

  1. Your organization's Mystery Shop or Quality Audit checklist is set up on SQM Direct's system
  2. Your organization's management team is given a custom log-in page where you obtain a checklist for each inspection. Using the SQM system, the report is filed on your account
  3. When the report is submitted, it will automatically be transmitted to the client through SQM's IRIS (Integrated Research Internet Solutions) System. Once it has been transmitted, authorized users from the organization can access the online statistical summary reports

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Direct helps you effectively:

  • Receive feedback in an instant
  • Save the effort of data entry, tabulating results, and distributing information to management team members
  • Save money by eliminating the costs of printing, postage, and labour

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