Comment Card Programs

SQM Comment Cards While Comment Cards have traditionally been used to obtain customer feedback, SQM has realized the opportunity to receive feedback from many different facets of a business.

In addition to customers, SQM's Comment Card Programs can be used to gain valuable information and insight from various stakeholders, such as: employees, franchisees, and suppliers.

Although obtaining the feedback is important, it is imperative that companies also plan an effective system for responding to all inquiries, and addressing the issues that arise. SQM offers timely collection, distribution, and reporting of your company's comment cards.

SQM will track any comment cards that have been obtained by our office. This may involve having comment cards mailed, or dropped in comment card boxes at your locations. SQM will respond, in writing, to everyone who has provided a mailing address. This response should include a gift certificate or other promotional material as chosen by management. In the event of an extremely negative or positive comment card, an immediate telephone update with management will occur, so a company representative can respond directly to the customer. Finally, statistical reports, along with the completed comment cards, will be distributed to the appropriate individuals.

These simple and intuitive Comment Card solutions will assist you in building and maintaining relationships. Management can focus on ideation and strategies, while SQM takes care of the logistics.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Comment Cards help you effectively:

  • Obtain direct customer feedback in a cost-effective manner
  • Build customer contact databases for ongoing communication
  • Implement a popular public relations technique

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