Online Focus Groups

SQM Online Focus GroupsOnline Focus Groups provide a more formal setting for participants to voice their opinions and provide feedback on any and all subjects that relate to your operation.

Discussions are led by a moderator with a pre-determined agenda and involve specific questions relating to selected issues.

Meetings take place via the web, which often includes the use of multimedia technology.

Observations can occur in-person or be recorded for review at a later date. Concealed observations minimize interruptions and bias, while audio and video recordings allow for detailed or edited review.

The interactive nature of focus groups results in the gathering of more in-depth information about your business. Greater insight is achieved than with typical surveys and customer feedback programs.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Focus Groups help you effectively:

  • Obtain more detailed feedback in an interactive setting
  • Obtain greater insight in a relaxed and moderate environment
  • Reduce bias through objective moderators
  • Discuss sensitive issues by means of a neutral environment
  • Analyze participants in-depth through the recording of focus groups

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