Trust Audits

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As businesses implement updated cleaning and social distancing protocols, the companies that will be successful in regaining the trust of customers will be those that execute flawlessly.  Successful programs require a verification component to ensure that these new standards are being adhered to.


To assist businesses with the verification process, SQM now offers Trust Audits.  These audits focus on various social distancing and cleanliness practices that many companies have recently put in place, and help ensure compliance is occurring on a consistent and ongoing basis.  This may include monitoring such items as:  signage, directional decals, in-house announcements, maximum occupancy, the proper distancing of individuals, use of face masks, use of sanitizers, protective shields, and employee safety.


Presently, SQM offers three, different program options:

  1. Brand Certification - auditing businesses based on the brand's standards
  2. SQM's Certification - using checklists that are in alignment with government and professional association guidelines (including Center for Disease Control (CDC), Health Canada, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  3. Hybrid Certification - a combination of government guidelines, professional association best practices, and updated brand standards

Aside from identifying gaps, the program also provides the opportunity to both re-enforce the desired behaviours and reward / recognize hard-working, front line staff.


Many companies are also monitoring the competition, for comparison purposes and to identify best practices.


In terms of completing the actual fieldwork, the use of SQM's locally-based inspectors allows your operation more flexibility and reduced risks compared to having full-time inspectors travelling from city to city.


Whether it is consumer confidence, customer and employee safety, risk management, or overall trust, the program provides a number of short term and long term benefits.


Traditionally, our programs have been implemented by senior management in Operations or Quality Assurance, however, in recent times we have also been dealing with Chief Financial Officers and the Risk Management Department, as they are ultimately responsible for protecting both the short and long term health of the brand.  In addition, these departments are not "profit-generating", and typically base their activities on limiting risk.


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