Mystery Shopping Programs

SQM's Mystery Shopping Programs Mystery Shopping is a form of Market Research that provides clients with an unbiased evaluation of their operations' quality, service, cleanliness, and value with the goal of improving productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

SQM will customize a package focusing on each specific operation. Once the package is approved, unannounced visits and/or calls are placed to your business. These may include the evaluation of web-sites and email responses. All observations are date and time-stamped, and staff names are noted where available. Upon completion, a written report, which may include recommendations, will be provided.

To perform this service, two types of Mystery Shoppers can be utilized. As many of our clients are seeking to better understand the “typical” customer experience, we choose local residents who are interested in participating in market research. In the event that a more critical view of the operation is required, SQM will use Mystery Shoppers who have experience in your particular industry. Based on your program's goals, SQM will select representatives from the appropriate backgrounds, education levels, and age groups.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Mystery Shopping Programs help you effectively:

  • Achieve a balance of feedback between the actual customer experience and company expectations
  • Gain valuable and often unexpected insights by using Mystery Shoppers who possess specific demographics / industry experience
  • Represent an actual customer experience without impacting actual customers
  • Assist in employee development by re-enforcing training
  • Spend training dollars
  • Provide valuable and timely information to your management team, with the use of SQM's Integrated Research Internet Solutions (IRIS) System

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