Internal Feedback Programs

SQM Internal Feedback ProgramsIt is often said that employee satisfaction equals customer satisfaction, however, while many companies provide customers with multiple ways of communicating them, very few organizations have taken a similar approach with their most important asset....their employees.

In addition, with the emergence of whistleblowers, many organizations now require internal feedback systems to comply with corporate governance as well as regional laws.

Since valuable insight and information could be obtained by implementing an effective, internal feedback system SQM has taken the best components of its Online Feedback Program to provide a solution that makes this important process easy.

Similar to SQM's Customer Comment Card Program, organizations will gain valuable information and insight from employees, however, while Customer Comment Cards focus on many facets of the business, internal feedback systems focus completely on the employees and any questions, comments, complaints, and compliments that they may want to voice. This line of communication is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will aid in both your organization's efforts to improve employee satisfaction as well as with Ethics Management.

The process is quite simple.

  1. Employees are directed to either a company website (set up for this purpose) or the SQM website.
  2. You can offer respondents some type of incentive (free meals, gift cards, etc.).
  3. When the employee goes to the website, they would click on a link that takes to the comment card or survey.
  4. Within seconds of completing a comment card or survey, authorized users receive an email, and could log in to retrieve the information and updated, summary statistical reports.
  5. In the event of a whistleblower situation, the system will direct the concern to a pre-determined member of your Senior Management team, in a different department (i.e. if someone in the Accounting department were to leave a comment about someone committing accounting fraud, his / her claim would be directed to someone in the Human Resources Department).

SQM's Internal Feedback Programs will assist you in gathering continuous feedback from employees, identifying issues, and providing the tools for resolution. Most importantly, by providing employees with a method of communicating with management, stronger relationships are built with all stakeholders.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) Internal Feedback Programs help you effectively:

  • Obtain employee feedback in a cost-effective manner
  • Build a basis for ongoing communication with employees
  • Address Ethics Management issues in a professional and effective manner

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