SQM's Online Feedback Programs

SQM Reports These days, many companies are looking for feedback from various stakeholders (i.e. customers, employees, franchisees, suppliers, etc.), but also lower costs.

Although such research is typically quite expensive, SQM has leveraged it's online technology to allow organizations the ability to distribute a comment card or survey, to anyone in a particular group, for a fraction of the cost of other programs.

In terms of SQM's Online Feedback programs, the process is quite simple.

  1. You drive traffic to your website (letters, emails, messages on receipts, tent cards, posters, etc).
  2. You can offer respondents some type of incentive (free merchandise, gift cards, etc.).
  3. When the person goes to your website, they would click on a link that takes them to the comment card survey.
  4. Within seconds of completing the comment card survey, authorized users receive an email, and could log in to retrieve the individual questionnaire and updated statistical reports.

The incoming data and summary statistics are viewed, online, using SQM's sophisticated reporting system (IRIS). In the event that multiple programs are being operated (i.e. Mystery Shops, internal audits, etc.) all information would be available in the same, online location. As with all of SQM's programs, management will be able to control who has access to the results.

With most programs involving a low, monthly fee of $10.00 per location* ($5.00 if operating an ongoing Mystery Shopping program), we invite you to compare our programs to others in the marketplace.

In addition, since we believe that Employee Satisfaction = Customer Satisfaction, for a limited time, SQM is offering businesses the chance to implement both an internal (employee) and external (public) feedback program for the price of one service.

This program will:

  1. Save you time (management will get the feedback and detailed summary statistics much quicker)
  2. Save you the effort (associated with emptying boxes, data entering cards, tabulating the results, and distributing the information)
  3. Potentially save you money (printing, postage, labour).
  4. Allow you to be more environmentally friendly (paperless).

Our online technology is extremely sophisticated, and SQM can help you to significantly lower costs!

* There is a minimum monthly fee of $50.00.

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