Financial Travel Tip #63: Subsidize Your Travels as a Mystery Shopper

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How to Subsidize Your Travel Costs by Secret Shopping

I was recently introduced to a new way to subsidize your airfare, accommodation, and meals; by being a mystery shopper around the world.

EvaluateIt by SQM is one such mystery shopping service that connects mystery shoppers with businesses wanting to ensure their customer experience is top notch.

Once you’re approved as a mystery shopper, you can browse available mystery shopping missions such as flights, meals, attractions, and hotel stays. Apply for the mystery shopping opportunity you’re interested in, and once accepted you (usually) make the purchase outright, and on receiving your evaluation afterwards, they’ll reimburse you up to 50% of the cost. (In a few instances, EvaluateIt will acquire the necessary tickets on your behalf).

I’m signed up as a mystery shopper (it’s free), but none of the opportunities have been a match for my location or itinerary as yet. It appears that the majority of the missions are North America-centric, but there are opportunities to review accommodation and flights around the world. It might even be worth a slight reroute of your itinerary to nab a long-haul flight at half price.

I’m looking forward to exploring this new money-saving travel opportunity. Yet another way to make full-time travel financially sustainable!

Has anybody else tried their hand at mystery shopping?


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