Become An SQM Representative

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) is a worldwide leader in providing unbiased evaluations of a company's operations relating to quality, service, cleanliness, and value.

Most of our programs and services involve the use of SQM's global Field Force, which consists of locally-based Representatives.


What Qualities Does SQM Look For In Its Representatives?

Our Representatives have access to exciting assignments around the world, including: Brand Standard Inspections (sometimes referred to as Mystery Shopping), Market Research, and Field Merchandising.

SQM seeks mature, reliable, detail-oriented people with experience in customer service. Successful candidates will have a critical eye for detail, an excellent memory, a proven ability to follow instructions, and the ability to work independently.


How Much Do Representatives Get Paid?

It all depends on the assignment! 

  • For some assignments, you are paid a fee for your work, such as when visiting a bank or car dealership, where there is no purchase necessary.
  • For other exciting assignments, you receive both a fee and some type of benefit, such as a meal in a restaurant or a purchase at a retail store.
  • We also have assignments that allow you to save up to 50% off everyday purchases and big-ticket items.  For example, our popular travel inspections allow you to be reimbursed half of the cost of your airfare, bus fare and train fare.  There is also the opportunity to get 50% off selected hotels and restaurants, as well as amazing assignments in airports that you can do while waiting for your flight!

Once you are an SQM Representative, you will be able to view all available assignments and request to complete them at your leisure.  Simply request the assignment that you are interested in completing and if you are eligible, you will be contacted by our Shopper Resources Team via email or telephone. For our travel evaluations, all airline and train bookings must be made through SQM's Travel Department.  


How Do I Become An SQM Representative?

To become an SQM Representative, simply click Join Our Team to fill out the application form. Once your application is approved, you will be given your personalized login information to access the SQM online system. 

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