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Mystery Shopping with Sensors Quality Management Inc. consists of evaluating restaurants, retail locations and other service-based industries. As a Mystery Shopper, you will dine in the restaurant, or shop in the store that you are assigned, act as a regular customer would, and fill out a customized report based on your experience. As a Mystery Shopper, you work as either a part-time employee, or as an independent contractor on an as-needed basis.

What is the Purpose of Mystery Shopping?

The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to provide our clients with an unbiased evaluation of how their business is operated from a consumer's point of view. It is not just about criticizing how a facility does badly. Although pointing out needed improvements is imperative, businesses must also know what they do well, so that they can continue doing it. Our clients use these reports for various purposes. Many of our clients use these reports for associate development, to re-enforce training programs and as a part of integrated Incentive Programs. Regardless of the purpose, our clients take these reports very seriously. These reports are incorporated into their monthly training programs and progress reports.

Is Mystery Shopping a Full-Time or Part-Time Job?

Mystery Shopping with SQM will most likely result in a few assignments per month, depending on the number of available shops and Mystery Shoppers in your area. Mystery Shopping should be something that you can incorporate into your current lifestyle and should not be depended upon as a full-time job.

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