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Special Edition “Conference 2000” – July 2000

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Mystery Shopper Update

After analysis of the mystery shopper reports for the quarter I was sad to see 90% of stores lost marks for not wearing their name badge. Name badges are an easy way for customers to deal with salespeople on a personal level. Name badges give a customer a sense of trust. They feel if you (the “Salesperson”) can give your name openly then they “trust” that giving their name is not so bad either. It is an important part in creating a rappport with the customer and displaying the friendly atmosphere we wish to create for our customers.

Quarter Update:
1. Mississauga N., Ontario 90.0% WAY TO GO!!!!!!!
2. Kitchener, Ontario 87.0%
3. Forest Lawn, Alberta 86.7%
4. Cambridge, Ontario 86.3%
5. Woodbridge, Ontario 83.3%
6. Surrey, B.C. 83.3%


Sensors Quality Management also known as SQM have been the company appointed company of our new Mystery Shopper program. Not only are they Canadian all our mystery shopper reports will now be easily accessed through the Internet. (For stores who are still without internet access it’s time to get on board.) Each store will receive their own passcode and all sorts of great reports generated at your fingertips. No need to wait for the company to fax you a new report. If you lose it just print it off. The paperwork is gone! It’s quick, easy and a service you will find far more superior to the past. To ensure better results and a better program we have created a Mystery Shopper Task Force that will work hand in hand with SQM and Cash Converters Training & Development Department. Your task force members were appointed at the National Conference. They are:

Savinder Dughee - BC Group
Ken Smith - Charlottetown
Dean Pearson - Hamilton
Wendy Heidinger - Medicine Hat
John Jacobs - Forest Lawn
James Stewart - Kitchener/Brampton
Clayton Trealor - Ottawa Group
Neil D’Souza - Victoria Terrace
Sandra Carr - Niagara Falls
Keith Martin - Newmarket
Peter Jollymore - Thunder Bay

Although the program will not be rolled out till late fall the task force will begin discussions August 1st. If you would like to see what SQM is all about visit their website at

If anyone has great ideas to enhance our mystery shopper program simply email any member of the task force or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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