Drunk-driving views blurred

By Jason Tchir

Although statistics show otherwise, bar and restaurant managers believe drunk-driving has declined, a survey shows. Of 500 manager surveyed in Ontario by Toronto market-research firm Sensors Quality Management, 84% expressed belief that drunk-driving has decreased since 1995. "They told us it's much less of a problem. Several also said younger patrons were drinking responsibly but older customers weren't," said SQM president David Lipton.

Big factor

In fact, according to police, the number of drunk drivers on the road has not dropped. Each year since 1995, alcohol has been a factor in one-third of all fatal collisions, said OPP Sgt. Terry Blace. "It's a possibility that people are drinking more responsibly in some bars and restaurants," Blace said, "but it hasn't translated onto the roads yet."

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