Evaluate It!! Save as You Move

Pretty Wanderer Blog - June 22, 2016, Sneha Mhatre

Travelling nowadays has become more of a lifestyle.

With easy travel options and detailed information about destinations available to us, there isn’t a place where we cannot travel to. But, it all comes with a price. We definitely do not have the luxury of packing our bags and heading off to the next destination that comes to our mind. We need to budget our travel for airfare, accommodation, local travelling, and much more. What if you get paid to travel! Yes, I said it right. Evaluate It offers to reimburse 50% of your travel bills. All you have to do is to write reviews about your experience.

Evaluate It is a simple tool where you just need to register, request for assignments, go on your trip, and once you are back, just write your review. Reviews will be in the form detailed questionnaires. Once you have completed your assignment, SQM will reimburse you for up to 50% of the costs. So what are you waiting for, register now and start saving!

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