Can You Really Travel For Free On A Secret Shoppers Program

Globe and Mail - November, 2010 , Karan Smith


This is one of those travel secrets that is so good that you don't want to pass it on. Yes, you can travel for free - or at a great discount.

In exchange for filling out questionnaires - How many times did the reservation line ring? Was the employee wearing a proper nametag? - you can save money.

"Right now, with us, you could get tickets for anywhere that Via travels," says David Lipton, president of Sensors Quality Management Inc., a leading travel market mystery shopping company. "We have flights to various destinations including New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Paris, Rome and London"

Would-be shoppers apply and are screened for reliability, attention to detail and grammar. Once approved, then you can scour the websites, and, and request assignments. If you're selected, you book that fancy resort in Hawaii, complete the paperwork, submit your receipts and are reimbursed by SQM. How much you save depends on whether you're required to fill in 10 questions or 250 questions.

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