SOLVE THE MYSTERY (SHOPPING) AND MAKE THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY - Mystery shopping maximizes your investment in employee training and development

Facility Manager, August/September 2008. David Lipton

In a recent issue of Facility Manager, a member of the industry wrote about the importance of developing staff and management, through the use of various training programs. 

While truer words were never spoken, staff training is hardly the end of the line. Many companies make the mistake of spending hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on training programs, but neglect to spend even a fraction of the initial expenditure on re-enforcement of the desired behaviors, or ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance of the key performance indicators. Since up to 70% of what is presented in a training seminar can be forgotten by the time the employee leaves the room, and an additional 20% will forgotten within a week, it is critical to reinforce desired actions and behaviors, immediately, or risk diminished returns on your investment.

Mystery Shopping has proven its ability in the retail and service market over the last 20 years. It has ensured that customers receive the best possible service that a company is capable of offering and that those representing the frontline of service always meet industry standards. The importance of the ability to maintain checks and balances in the workplace are evident too all businesses. However, the measurement of success of business begins with the frontline workers. And what better way to gauge the quality of your businesses' service than by actually experiencing it through a fair unbiased, encounter form the perspective of a customer, fan, or guest?

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