SQM BRINGS MYSTERY SHOPPING TO SMALL BUSINESSES - Canadian firm's online system makes mystery shopping affordable for SMBs

research-live.com, June 2008. Robert Bain

CANADA-- Mystery shopping specialist Sensors Quality Management (SQM) has launched a new service aimed at opening up a mystery shopping capability to the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. 

The MyShop service, available to clients across North America, allows businesses to build their own mystery shopping programme online – cutting out much of the set-up costs.

Clients can put together their own evaluation form, drawing from a library of pre-written questions, and set the parameters of the programme themselves.

David Lipton of SQM told Research the new solution gets around problems of scale, which make it impractical to dedicate sales and operations resources to small clients with only a few outlets.

“I think most businesses, large and small, nowadays understand the benefits of mystery shopping, it’s just a case of showing them a cost-effective way to do it,” he said.

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