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Evaluate It: The Best Way to Travel

Salt & Sandals - June 16, 2016, Sudipto De

Travel has become an integral part of today’s life. With the world growing smaller in size, the latest fad is to travel. But travel comes with its own price, literally.

Save money while shopping

Globe and Mail - July 13, 2011, Angela Self

My girlfriend and her husband travelled to Paris last month as "mystery shoppers." In exchange for filling out 50 minutes of paperwork on their overall flying experience, they were reimbursed for half of their flight costs. A sweet savings for less than an hour of work.

  1. Go Undercover for Free Travel
  2. Mystery Shopping: Reimburse 50% of Your Airfare with Evaluate It by SQM
  3. Earn up to 50% Off Your Flights and Hotels as a Mystery Shopper
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  5. Here’s How You Can Earn 50% off Flights by Mystery Shopping
  6. Helping Hotels for Free...And There Isn't a Catch!
  7. SOLVE THE MYSTERY (SHOPPING) AND MAKE THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY - Mystery shopping maximizes your investment in employee training and development
  8. SQM BRINGS MYSTERY SHOPPING TO SMALL BUSINESSES - Canadian firm's online system makes mystery shopping affordable for SMBs
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  13. Undercover shopper
  14. Front Line Intelligence
  15. Secret Snoops
  16. Sleuthing the Aisles
  17. Spies in the Aisles
  18. Under-cover Consumer
  19. Mystery Shopper Means Business
  20. Spies For Hire Wage War On Tipsy Tables, Filthy Toilets
  21. Shopping Pays the Bills
  22. Growing Potential
  23. Undercover Customer
  24. Mystery Shopping
  25. May We Suggest…
  26. Don't Train in Vain
  27. Free Perking
  28. Competitive Analysis
  29. Forces deterring enlistment
  30. Hi-Tech Feedback
  31. Shopping Cares
  32. Tracking Slack Service
  33. Mystery shopping: Billion dollar industry keeps retailers in check
  34. Seize the Oppurtunity
  35. Circle of Satisfaction
  36. Cash News
  37. Drunk-driving views blurred
  38. Survey Says...
  39. Mystery Shoppers
  40. An Air of Mystery
  41. Building a Better Team
  42. Shedding Light on a Mystery
  43. Through the Eyes of a Stranger
  44. Mystery Shoppers, Major Quality Problems
  45. The Newsweekly of the Food Service Industry
  46. Measuring and Improving Customer Service
  47. Quick Tips: Uncovering Good Service
  48. Snoops for Hire
  49. Letter Of The Day
  50. Mystery shoppers Rye grads rate customer service
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